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VA Home Loans 101 for REALTORS®

Thu. 27 Oct, 2022 10:00 am - 11:00 am

As the market shifts, it’s going to be more and more important to have the skills to serve the buyers and sellers who are active in the market.  Even with economic changes,   VA buyers are great because they have very stable employment, and the VA Home Loan is one of the most flexible loan programs available. 

 In order to best serve the VA Buyer, it is important to at least have a baseline understanding of the VA Home Loan Program, including some recent changes to the program that make it much more   advantageous in our market. 

 Together we will cover:

  •  Home Loan Basics: To understand the VA Loan, you need a baseline understanding of Home Loans and how they work.
  •  The VA Home Loan: Program Specifics and how they stack up against other options
  •  Sample Scenarios: Pre-approval and Problem Solving
  •  VA Specific Items: VA appraisals, VA Condo Approval, Termite, etc…
  •  New VA Changes: Recent changes to the VA Program that make it a great product for San Diego County buyers.
  Daniel Lehman

Daniel Lehman is a Marine Corps Veteran who got out of the service with 50 dollars in his pocket, a wife and new baby, and no idea what he was going to do.  Through Home Ownership, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship, Daniel was able to build a great life for he and his family, and now aims to pay that back to anyone who will take the time to listen. Daniel's core focuses as a Mortgage Lender are to help consumers better understand their financial options related to home ownership, help Real Estate Agents better serve their clients and grow their businesses, and help people interested in a career in Real Estate Finance reach their goals through mentorship and training. Daniel is the author of the book “The VA Home Loan Field Manual” and has taught thousands of people about VA Home Loans through courses for such organizations as the USO, Lincoln Military Housing, as well as various military units and spouse groups on and off base. Daniel has three kids and lives with his wife in Carlsbad, CA, and runs “The Lehman Group” mortgage lending team, which was established in 2004. 

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