The North San Diego County REALTOR® Government Affairs Team is Fighting for You

Advocating for YOU. Every year there is no shortage of local, state and national proposals that make homeownership more expensive, add significant costs to transactions or add liability exposure to REALTORS®. 

Many policies are quietly defeated because of the strength of our state and national REALTOR® organizations and the dedicated efforts of local associations. From Rent Control to Point of Sale Fees and everything else in between, we are your voice to all levels of Government.

More recently, COVID-19 has had a drastic impact on local and state government budgets. As they identify new avenues for cash flow, our focus is to protect your transactions from any new fees. Rest assured knowing that we’re monitoring these developments real-time so we can defend you, your clients and your industry at a moment’s notice. Your Government Affairs Team works hard to advocate for your transactions and clients so you can keep money in your pockets.

Notice any local policies that are hurting your ability to do business? Don’t hesitate to reach out with your concerns. The North San Diego County REALTORS® Government Affairs team is ready to fight for YOU


Taylor Thompson
Director of Government Affairs

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