Peer to Peer

C.A.R. now offers our REALTOR® members a free ethics infoline where they can be assigned a volunteer member who is trained in the Code of Ethics to assist them with their non-legal ethics questions.  

Members can ask questions about:

  • whether their own actions might violate the Code of Ethics
  • whether the actions of another REALTOR® member might violate the Code of Ethics

The Infoline volunteer is NOT an attorney and CANNOT give legal advice or answer legal questions! Additionally, the Peer-to-Peer Ethics Infoline is only available for members who are NOT currently involved in an ethics case at a local association OR members who are not a plaintiff or defendant in related, pending litigation. 

The Peer-to-Peer Ethics volunteer will not provide answers or opinions in writing. All information will be provided orally. Local association grievance committees and ethics hearing panels are not bound by the opinions provided by Peer-to-Peer Ethics volunteers.

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C.A.R. Legal Hotline

With your REALTOR® Membership, you have access to the C.A.R. Legal Hotline.  For zero dollars and zero cents, you can speak with an attorney about your transaction.  

Hotline Hours:

Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

The (213) 739-8350 number is not available on Saturdays (due to limited staffing the Saturday Hotline service is only for questions regarding active transactions). Calls answered on a first come first serve basis at (213) 739-8282 only.

Additional Information:

Please read the following for information about this service:
Legal Q&A: Member Legal Hotline
Legal Article: C.A.R.'s Legal Hotline: Caller Responsibilities and C.A.R. Conflict Policy  PDF document

WHETHER YOU SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION ONLINE, BY E-MAIL OR FAX:  PLEASE KEEP YOUR DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE SHORT (2-3 short paragraphs--there is a 2000 character maximum computer software limit on messages relayed to attorneys).  YOU'LL BE ABLE TO PROVIDE MORE DETAILS WHEN YOU TALK TO AN ATTORNEY.  One of our C.A.R. attorneys will telephone you to discuss your legal question, so please be sure to indicate the name of any other licensee involved in your question/transaction as well as your telephone number.

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NAR - Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) from the National Association of REALTORS® empowers REALTORS® to evaluate, enhance and showcase their highest levels of professionalism. It's not a course, class or designation—it's an Endorsement that REALTORS® can promote when serving clients and other REALTORS®.

Get started on your journey today by logging in to and taking any one of our 11 self-assessments to measure your proficiency in 10 aspects of professionalism (11 for brokers), ranging from customer service to use of technology. The platform generates a customized learning path and recommends experiences and resources to enhance your individual skillset.

Keep in mind, the journey doesn't end there. The Commitment to Excellence program evolves as industry standards and best practices evolve. As new content, reference and resource materials are added to the platform, REALTORS® who have earned their C2EX Endorsement receive a notification inviting them back to engage and keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

Be an advocate for the future of our industry. Be committed to excellence. Go to to get started with this award-winning program!

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