If you're a real estate professional in San Diego's highly competitive market, the difference between closing your next deal or not is often your base of knowledge. As a member of North San Diego County REALTORS®, you can improve your skill set and learn about what's next in real estate by taking any of our classes taught by working professionals.  Our courses are highly rated and focused on the practical aspects of your real estate practice. From risk mitigation and fair housing to staying up to speed on NAR's Code of Ethics, these are classes you can't afford to miss.

In addition to our offerings, your North San Diego County REALTORS® membership gives you access to: 
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Have a dispute? Mediate before you arbitrate.

All too often, disputes that could be settled via mediation become expensive legal matters.

If you're in such a situation, you're in luck: North San Diego County REALTORS® requires you to request mediation before you enter arbitration.

North San Diego County REALTORS® special mediation program operates to help its members settle disputes as quickly as possible.

North San Diego County REALTORS® mediators are professional, highly trained, and experienced. Every mediator is a licensed real estate professional that understands all aspects of real estate disputes.

Most cases can be successfully mediated if all parties are willing to make a good faith effort to resolve the dispute. Mediation should be considered by all litigants and attorneys who have an interest in prompt, cost-efficient settlement.

All local associations must adhere to the policies and procedures set forth in the California Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual provided by the California Association of REALTORS®. The Manual is drafted to be in compliance with the National Association of REALTORS® and California state law.

Visit the California Association of REALTORS® Professional Standards webpage (login needed).

Member Mediation Fees

If a North San Diego County REALTORS® member has been named as a Respondent, as a member benefit all mediation fees will be waived for the Respondent member EXCEPT if the REALTOR® member acted as a principal in the transaction.

If a North San Diego County REALTORS® member is filing a claim and is involved as an agent in the subject dispute, as a member benefit, the filing fee shall be $250 for the Claimant and no additional fees will be assessed for mediation services provided to the Claimant.

Interactive Request to Mediate Packet  |  pdf Download our Request to Mediate Packet (332 KB)

Non-Member Mediation Fees

Mediation for Non-North San Diego County REALTORS® or North San Diego County REALTORS® members involved as the principal in the transaction will be charged according to the following schedule:

Administrative Filing Fee – $150
Under $10,000 in dispute – $275 per party
$10,000 – $30,000 in dispute – $300 per party
$30,000 – $50,000 in dispute – $450 per party
$50,000 – $100,000 in dispute – $600 per party
Over $100,000 – subject to assessment by Mediation personnel.
Above fees are split between Association and Mediators.

Any Mediation over four (4) hours is charged at $100.00 per hour, per party, with 100% of the hourly fee to the Mediators.

Please note: North San Diego County REALTORS® reserves the right to adjust fees or reject mediations depending on the complexity of issues.

Interactive Request to Mediate Packet  |   pdf Download our Request to Mediate Packet (332 KB)